United Cooperative_DaveCramerPresident and Chief Executive Officer of United Cooperative, Dave Cramer, presented a $5,000 sponsorship check in Beaver Dam, WI to Rhonda Strebel, Executive Director of the Rural Health Initiative (RHI). This is the first of three annual donations (2015, 2016, and 2017) by the agribusiness who offers feed, grain, agronomy, and energy (propane/fuel/lube) products and services to Wisconsin farmers and consumers.

United Cooperative’s generous $5,000 annual donation qualifies United Cooperative as a RHI Wellness Sponsor. Money will be used to provide complimentary, preventive health screenings, health coaching, and referral information to farmers, agribusinesses, and agriculturists, as well as support additional program costs, within the tri-county region of Shawano, Waupaca, and Outagamie. In addition, United Cooperative will receive the many benefits of Wellness Sponsor, which includes sponsor signage at RHI events, corporate name, logo, and hyperlink at the “Our Sponsors” section of the Rural Health Initiative’s website, and various other perks. For a full list of sponsors, click here.

Thank you, United Cooperative, for your support in furthering our mission to be “A Bridge to Improve and Sustain the Health and Safety of Farm Families” in Northeast Wisconsin.