An employee of Rural Health Initiative received this picture from a friend, most likely from somewhere on social media, although we don’t know exactly from where. What do you think; could Santa Claus have been a farmer?

10 Reasons Why Santa Claus Could Have Been a Farmer

  1. He works all year, just to give his stuff away.
  2. He’s good with livestock.
  3. He knows how to get by with the same equipment season after season.
  4. He works oustide, even in bad weather.
  5. He’s good with kids.
  6. His wife is an excellent cook.
  7. He could stand to lose a few pounds (see reason #6).
  8. He’s used to getting in and out of tight places.
  9. He covers a lot of ground in a hurry when the pressure is on.
  10. He takes care of the needs of the whole world.

#10 is our our favorite. Merry Christmas!