F.R.E.S.H. Project Gathering Information for Farmer Directory

The F.R.E.S.H. Project is creating a directory of farmers and food producers in Shawano County and the surrounding area that sell directly to consumers. The directory will be made available to the public, so everyone knows where they can get good food locally, but also to ensure a strong local food system by supporting local producers.

“The Farmer and Producer Directory is part of a wider effort by the F.R.E.S.H. Project to create healthier, accessible, and sustainable food systems for everyone,” said Barbara Mendoza, executive director.  “By increasing food security, educating, and engaging the community, the Project is working to make sure all area residents have access to food that’s good for their health, their families, and their community.”

The Project is asking farmers and producers to provide location and contact information, as well as a listing of the products they sell. Farmers and producers may complete the survey by calling the FRESH Project office at (715) 526-5206, or sharing their information through a form found on the Project’s website – thefreshproject.org – and clicking on the “What We Do” and then “News” tabs.

Once completed, the Directory will be available on-line at the Project’s website for free use by everyone. Along with increasing the access to fresh, healthy food, the Project also is looking to provide a benefit to local farmers and producers by increasing the number of people purchasing their produce and products.

“One of the three pillars in our strategic plan is Food Access,” said Jo Ann Schedler, FRESH Project Chairwoman. “I was struck by the results of our 2016 survey where one-third of the respondents did not have enough food in their homes or money to get more. We also have large sections of Shawano County that are ‘food deserts,’ with low household incomes and limited access to healthy food. My hope is for our community to come together to address these issues.”

The farmer and producer directory, along with the other work of the F.R.E.S.H. Project, is made possible through a generous grant from the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region’s Basic Needs Giving Partnership. For more information about the Directory, or the work of the F.R.E.S.H. Project in general, go to thefreshproject.org, or contact Barbara Mendoza, at 715-526-5206 or [email protected]freshproject.org.