Examples of What We Do

Here are some real-life and recent examples of how the Rural Health Initiative serves families and businesses in rural Wisconsin
We understand farm life. We can stop by your family farm after morning chores to make sure you’re cholesterol levels are on target.

We make it convenient. Within 10 minutes we can tell you your test results – cholesterol, blood glucose, triglycerides, and more.

We care about farm employees, too. We’ll help you keep them healthy and safe.

    • Check your blood pressure. Do you have normal blood pressure? High blood pressure (hypertension)? Our staff can come to your home or farm to check, as well as help you with some tips or resources to help control and/or improve your situation.
    • Conduct basic blood work to check for potential cholesterol or diabetes concerns. When was the last time you had your blood tested? Our staff can draw a small sample of your blood from your finger (via a quick, pain-free finger poke) and provide almost immediate test results (within 5-7 minutes). It’s that easy!
    • Come to your home, farm, or agribusiness and give flu shots to you, your family, and your employees. NOTE: A minimal fee is charged to cover vaccination and supplies. Contact us for more details.
    • Help explain health ranges for your test values (blood pressure, blood glucose, triglycerides, and lots more)
    • Answer any of your health-related questions using in simple, easy-to-understand words.
    • Help you find a primary care physician (doctor) or specialized physician in your health insurance plan
    • Educate your family or staff (hired workers) on factors that affect healthy lifestyle, including how to preventing heart disease, stroke, or cancer
    • Offer easy tips or resources on healthy meal planning, tobacco cessation, and many other topics
    • Share community referral information on various topics, including (but not limited to) health services, counseling programs, programs specifically aimed at supporting or assisting agricultural needs, and financial planning assistance