Brown Cows Make Chocolate Milk. What?



Photo Credit: American Dairy Association Indiana

Yeah, it likely sounds silly to you, but you’d be amazed how many kiddos may think it’s the truth. Education is critical.

Fortunately, there are organizations, such as the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture working to educate about the importance of agriculture, reconnect the American public with the people that grow their food, and equip agricultural leaders with skills they need to educate Americans of all ages

Six common un-truths are the feature of a recent article by the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture, released July 25, 2016, titled Brown Cows Make Chocolate Milk & 5 Other Misconceptions Kids Have about Agriculture

6 Misconceptions about Agriculture

1. Farmers wear overalls and straw hats.

2. Farmers are men.

3. Brown cows make chocolate milk.

4. All cattle are “cows”.

5. Farming is an antiquated practice.

6.  You can grow anything, anywhere.

BONUS: Food comes from the grocery store.

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Which one surprises you the most?