The 2016 Rural Health Initiative cash raffle officially wrapped up last Friday, April 22, 2016 at 9:00PM in New London, WI. The drawing was part of the lineup at the 5th Annual Wine & Cheese Tasting, held at Crystal Falls Banquet Hall in New London, WI.

Roughly 275 tickets were sold in advance. Event attendees purchased the remaining tickets upon arriving at the door.

money dance_2016 cash raffle winnersThe 13 winners were announced LIVE at the annual event, with 4 winners present, including the 1st place winner – Jess & Jesse Collar of Hortonville, WI.

The additional winners were contacted on Saturday, April 23rd via a phone call from Rhonda Strebel, Executive Director of the Rural Health Initiative.

Congratulations to the 13 winners who are likely doing – or should be doing- the money dance in celebration of their recent winnings!

  1. 1st Place ($1,000): Jess & Jesse Collar, Hortonville, WI
  2. 2nd Place ($500): Bruce Hager, South Fargo, ND
  3. 3rd Place ($500): Rural Health Initiative (via Milk Source)
  4. $50 Winner: Ken Strassburg, Wittenberg, WI
  5. $50 Winner: Aaron Petri, Shawano, WI
  6. $50 Winner: Faye Wichman, Appleton, WI
  7. $50 Winner: Kay Stocker, Waupaca, WI
  8. $50 Winner: Betty Strebel, Shawano, WI
  9. $50 Winner: Jim Gretzinger, Clintonville, WI
  10. $50 Winner: Patti Rindt, Shawano, WI
  11. $50 Winner: Noelle Buettner, Shawano, WI
  12. $50 Winner: Doug Stueck, Clintonville, WI
  13. $50 Winner: Kay Reminger, Leopolis, WI

On behalf of the entire Rural Health Initiative, THANK YOU to each individual that purchased a ticketWe appreciate your support.
All proceeds goes back into the Rural Health Initiative program to propel our mission forward – to improve and sustain the health and safety of farm families – within the Shawano, Outagamie, and Waupaca counties.

And CONGRATULATIONS to the 13 winners! Enjoy the extra spending cash.