National Milk Day

Local Dairy Farm Owners Help Celebrate

Today (1/11/16) is National Milk Day) and WSAW 7 in Wausau interviewed the owners of Misty Hollow Farms of Marathon County this morning on Sunrise 7’s  Farm to Fork series. To watch the full interview (approximately 3 min long), click HERE.

Misty & Eric Vogel, owners of the local dairy farm Misty Hollow Farms, milk approximately 60 cows. The couple has many years of direct farming experience, recently transitioned to robotic milking parlor, and enjoys working together.

“Getting to work with each other every day, and raising our two boys”, Eric said, is the best part of being dairy farmers.

Most of the milk from Misty Hollow Farms is used for cheese production. “Everybody loves cheese … it’s nature’s most perfect food”, said Misty. As for Eric, he reminds viewers it’s “great grab and go” snack.

If you’re seeking answers related to farming, Misty encourages people to speak directly to a farmer; it’s the “best source of information”.

Milk: By the Numbers
  • Year milk started being delivered in sterilized glass bottles: 1878
  • # essential nutrients in milk: 9
  • # lbs one gallon of milk weighs: 8.6
  • # of lbs of milk needed to make 1 lb of cheese:
    • cow’s milk: 10
    • goat milk: 7
    • sheep’s milk: 5
  • # of teeth a cow has: 32

Source: Wisonsin Milk Marketing Board, National Milk Producers Federation

Misty: No Stranger to the Rural Health Initiative

It was great to see a familar face on TV! She currently serves on the Rural Health Initiative (RHI) Board of Directors, a group of individuals who provide governance and oversight of the program. She is also a co-chair for the RHI – Marathon Steering Committee, a group of local community-minded individuals who assist the hired RHI Outreach Health Coordinator in developing and strengthening relationships with stakeholders and participants within the healthcare and agricultural industries in Marathon County. Both roles are done on a voluntary basis, and we both enjoy and appreciate Misty’s contribution and positive impact she has on our program.

Raise your Glass (of Milk)

…and join us in saying THANK YOU for all the hard-working dairy farmers.
They make it easy for us to remain #WiAgProud.